The Search For Big Lou

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Who doesn’t look forward to summer camp? Two weeks of sun and fun were just what Presley’s parents thought she needed. Too bad she didn’t feel the same way. . .

Growing up in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, was all fourteen-year-old Presley Walton knew. In fact, the teen had never ventured far beyond the city limits. Her world revolved around chilling in her bedroom, using her cell phone, and being on social media. Presley was getting ready to enjoy a typical summer, but her parents had other plans.

Before she knew it, Presley was on a smelly, old bus heading to the middle of nowhere. Nowhere, otherwise known as Camp Golden Arrow, would be her home sweet home for two weeks. It was the same camp her mom had attended when she was a teen. Her mom’s stories of camp friendships, cabin contests, and outdoor fun already made Presley dread this forced adventure.

Mia and Ann, identical twins, team up with Presley to make the fourteen days unforgettable. Epic prank wars, standing up to the camp bully, and fishing for Big Lou, a 100-pound blue catfish, make the camp experience one for the record books.

Will the girls of D Cabin go down in the history books of Camp Golden Arrow. . . or will they become the next victims of the B Cabin boys?