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Rock Conrad was set to begin the best and final year of his high school education. He could hardly wait. This was his year!

Rock and Eddie, best friends and teammates, were poised to make history as the first ever bass fishing state champions at Polk High School. Last year they finished in the top ten, but this year their eyes were on first place. During the summer, the pair spent many hours on Rock’s boat, perfecting their fishing skills. The many lakes throughout Texas kept Rock occupied and happy. When he was on the water, he was at home.

This was also set to be an epic year on the gridiron for the Polk High Panthers. The state of Texas is known for many things, and football is definitely one of them. The football players were local celebrities. Desmond Ward, the senior quarterback, was a fan favorite and had already accepted a full ride scholarship at Texas A&M. His high school passing records ranked him at the top with some of the greatest players to come out of Texas.

Rock wasn’t interested in Desmond, his scholarship, or his records. In fact, he despised him. He didn’t despise the game of football. Rock actually studied it and loved it. He just wasn’t good at playing it. He was good at bass fishing, though, and he knew his time to shine was this year.

His hopes and dreams quickly unraveled when a freak accident changed everything. Polk High’s fishing dream team was no more. Rock was put in an impossible spot. He was either going to come out the hero or the laughing stock of the school. This was not how he envisioned his senior year.