The Fishing Chronicles (Full Collection)

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The Fishing Chronicles Book Series:
Captivate your kids to read more and get them excited about the outdoors with this 5 book series. Adventures from a river raft camping & fishing trip, to entering the local ice fishing contest in order to save the family bait shop. With an exciting new adventure in every book, we promise your kids will not be able to stop reading.

Each book contains a new main character, and a life learning lesson for kids to take with them as they finish their read.

Learning Life Lesson(s) From Each Book:
Book 1: Do what's right, and pursue your passion
Book 2: Friendship, sticking together, and doing the right thing
Book 3: Family, tradition, and not being judgmental of others
Book 4: Teamwork, friendship, and determination
Book 5: Never giving up, hope, and healthy competition

Lane Walker aims to help kids get back into reading and off video games and technology, while giving them content they can relate to, keeping them interested in reading.

Book Specifications: 
Width x Height: 5.25" x 7.5"
Average Pages: 140 Pages
Cover Style: Softcover